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The Kellam High School Counseling program is committed to supporting the VBCPS Compass to 2025 Strategic Framework. 


The vision of the Kellam High School comprehensive school counseling program is for each student to thrive in a changing, unpredictable world. Our students will be practiced problem-solvers and empowered through their skills of creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication. Our students will be consistent, positive contributors to their community and experience academic and career success.


The mission of the Kellam High School comprehensive school counseling program puts an emphasis on building relationships with all stakeholders. In collaboration with staff, we will provide not only information, but opportunity to demonstrate and reflect on the academic, career and social emotional growth of students. We will offer all students equitable access to personalized, authentic experiences that support the development of learner capacity. Kellam School Counselors will consistently reflect on our practice through data analysis and contribute to the school culture by clearly demonstrating what it means to be compassionate, nurturing, and ethical advocates for all people.

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