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VBCPS Pathway Panel Series: Scholarships

VBCPS Pathway Panel Series: Military Careers

VBCPS Pathway Panel Series: Community Colleges & Trade Schools

VBCPS Pathway Panel Series: 
Out-Of-State Post-Secondary Schools

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Mr. Beacham's Coping Strategy -Managing Stress through Journaling

Mr. Beacham discusses the benefits of journaling in a relatable conversation about all of its additional benefits.


Mr. Bunting's Coping Strategy-  Solution Focused Questions

Mr. Bunting explains how solution focused questions can help bring resolution to reoccurring stressors.


Mrs. Caruso's Coping Strategy - Managing the Physical Symptoms of Anxiety

Mrs. Caruso discusses some of the psychosomatic - or physical responses - to stress and anxiety and introduces techniques to help manage them.


Ms. Dobson’s Coping Strategy - Mindfulness For When Your Mind Is Full

Ms. Dobson discusses the importance of Mindfulness when working through feelings of anxiety and stress via awareness and various techniques.


Mrs. Knight's Coping Strategy - Meditation for Beginners

Mrs. Knight talks about the benefits of mediation when managing stress and anxiety and walks viewers through a basic mediation exercise that anyone can try!


Mrs. Seibert's Coping Strategy: Identifying Cope vs  Control

Mrs. Seibert explains an activity she likes to use to identify action steps and appropriate coping strategies that can help alleviate anxiousness when feeling overwhelmed. 


Ms. Whitfield's Coping Strategy - Managing Stress through Art

Ms. Whitfield introduces her favorite art activities that provide a calming outlet when managing stress.

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